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October 09, 2011

AMYRALDIANISM (Four-Point Calvinism)

This insightful exposition provides useful information on Amyraldianism (hypothetical universalism). Is there really a four-point Calvinist? Is such a person simply an Arminian in denial? Does four-point Calvinism equal no-point Calvinism? Is a four-point Calvinist as inconsistent as a psalm-singing atheist? The Five Points of Calvinism (the doctrines of grace) are like beautiful threads woven together to make a soteriological masterpiece.

The faulty notion of Arminianism and Semi-Pelagianism that God helps sinners to save themselves is totally foreign to Scripture. Consequently, it is foreign to Calvinism as well. Our awesome God is certainly not at the mercy of the fallen, corrupt will of man, but rather sinners (that's all of us) are at the total mercy of a holy and just God for the gift of salvation. A gigantic, salvific difference! Moreover, the popular adage that "God helps those who help themselves" could not be further from biblical truth. To read an analysis of this commonly misunderstood topic, simply click here. Getting the Gospel right should be our top priority.

In awe of His saving, sovereign grace,

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