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June 20, 2016

Christ Fulfills the Law

In this excellent sermon by Dr. John MacArthur, we learn how Christ fulfills the Law. I heartily recommend that current, inquiring, and former Seventh-day Adventists (plus many others) give special attention to the important details of this Bible-based sermon. Discover what it means to be anchored in the New Covenant teachings of Jesus Christ.

Indeed, this is a must-hear type of sermon. You will receive a rich blessing by listening to this video presentation by simply clicking here. Carefully listening to the entire sermon is essential to better understand the depth of this salvific topic that is often misunderstood. By initial design, various posts in this blog have been expanded and will continue to be periodically amplified. So, take your time to read or re-read your favorite subject matter today. Thanks for stopping by!

In His power and for His glory,

Dennis  Fischer
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