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August 18, 2012


by R. Albert Mohler, Jr., President
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Louisville, Kentucky USA

Liberal churches and denominations are joining the project (normalizing and restructuring society to match this new morality).  The cultural pressure is formidable, and only churches that are truly committed to Scripture will withstand the pressure to accommodate themselves and their message to the new morality.

What, then, is the true church to do?  First, we must stand without compromise on the authority of the Bible and the principles of sexual conduct and morality that God has revealed so clearly in His Word. The Bible's sexual morality is grounded in the creation of humanity in God's image; we are created as male and female and given the gift of sex within the marriage covenant--and  only within the marriage covenant between one man and one woman for as long they both shall live.

The easiest way to summarize the Bible's teaching on sexuality is to begin with God's blessing of sex only within the marriage convenant between a man and a woman. Then, just remember that sex outside of that covenant relationship, whatever its form or expression, is explicitly forbidden.  Christians know that these prohibitions are for our good and that rejecting them is tantamount to a moral rebellion against God Himself.  We also know that the Bible forbids all same-sex acts and behaviors.  Thus, we know that homosexuality is a sin, that blessing it in any way is also sin, and that normalizing sin cannot lead to human happiness.

Second, we must realize what is at stake.  Marriage is first and foremost a public institution.  It has always been so.  Throughout history, societies have granted special recognition and privileges to marriage because it is the central organizing institution of human culture.  Marriage regulates relationships, sexuality, human reproduction, lineage, kinship, and family structure. But marriage has also performed another crucial function--it has regulated morality.

This is why the challenge of same-sex unions is so urgent and important.  Redefining marriage is never simply about  marriage.  It leads to the redefinition of reproduction and parenthood, produces a legal revolution with vast consequences, replaces an old social order with something completely new, and forces the adoption of a new morality.   This last point is especially important.  Marriage teaches morality by its very centrality to the culture. With a new concept of marriage comes a new morality, enforced by incredible social pressure and, eventually, legal threats.

Third, we must act quickly to teach Christians the truth about marriage and God's plan for sexuality in all its fullness and beauty.  We must develop pastoral approaches that are faithful to Scripture and arm this generation of believers to withstand the cultural pressure and respond in ways that are truly Christian.

Last, and most important, this challenge must drive us to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Christians must be the first to understand this challenge in light of the gospel.  After all, we know spiritual rebellion when we see it, for we ourselves were rebels before God's grace conquered us.  We know what moral confusion means because without the light of God's Word, we are just as confused.

There is no rescue from the self-deception of sin except for the salvation that is ours in Jesus Christ.  While doing everything else required of us in this challenge, the faithful church must center its energies on the one thing that we know we must do above all else--preach, teach, and live the gospel of Jesus Christ.

(Tabletalk, April 2012)

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