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January 11, 2014

BORN TO BELIEVE: A Study of God's Initiative in Salvation

by Fred G. Zaspel, PhD

This biblical study is one of the best that I have ever read on this topic. You will be greatly blessed to learn how our awesome God saves "His people from their sins" (Matt. 1:21 NASB) by bringing them from death to life. Absolutely nothing should stand in our way to research the Christological and soteriological aspects of God's compassionate gift of salvation. 

It is my heartfelt desire for the insightful readers of this blog to carefully and prayerfully examine this God-honoring and God-exalting exposition. We don't give birth, neither physically nor spiritually, to ourselves. It's all about Him! Simply click here to discover how our merciful, sovereign God makes friends out of His enemies in the election process. 

Here is a mere sampling of Dr. Zaspel's comments: "How do people who hate Christ all of a sudden love Him?...To believe on Christ is an act contrary to fallen human nature!...Put another way, in order for a man to believe in Christ, he would have to be born all over again. The reason people reject God is that they want to. The problem is in their will. They are biased against Him. People are not looking for God, really; they are looking to be rid of Him. They are ignorant of Him, to be sure, but they are willfully ignorant...Are we born again because we believe? Or do we believe because we are born again?"

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