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June 05, 2014



  Thomas Schirrmacher, PhD

Translated from German by Cambron Teupe

Serious Bible students have often asked me to comment extensively on Paul's teaching in regard to legalism and antinomianism in his letter to the Galatians.  Frequently asked questions are effectively dealt with in this exposition. For example, the following six questions are noteworthy: (1) Do both the OT and NT clearly teach a distinction between ceremonial and moral laws? (2) Should Christians exalt and uphold God's moral (ethical) standards wherever found in Scripture? (3) Is it legalistic to obey God's inerrant, written will for our lives? (4) Are OT moral (ethical) laws merely external in nature? (5) Do all of the 613 laws of Moses carry the same weight, purpose, and importance? (6) Are all exhortations in Scripture a form of law?  Dr. Schirrmacher exhibits his extensive, biblical research in commenting on these and other closely-related questions.

Simply click here to read this 90-page booklet that includes details about the author and his academic credentials. All in all, you will be richly blessed in reading this well-written, Bible-based commentary. Stuck in a busy medical waiting room, I re-read Paul's entire letter to the Galatians while there (thanks to the Gideons International who placed a Bible there). Oh yes, since I wasn't the patient waiting to see the doctor, it wasn't difficult to concentrate on what I was reading (smile). Thanks for stopping by, and may our awesome God continue to abundantly bless your quest for Biblical truth. Fight truth decay, study the Bible!

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