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January 13, 2012

ISLAM: What The West Needs To Know

Please sit back, relax, and click on the title above to watch and listen to this 98-minute, documentary film about Islam as a religious/political system.  I cannot recommend this film too highly. Hopefully, you will also be shocked by the astounding similarities between Islam and many religious cults in our society today (perhaps you belong to one now or have in the past). This interesting, factual film will answer most of the following questions and many more:

  • What is the literal meaning of the word "Jihad"?
  • Why are there frequently more Muslim volunteers to go on a Jihad than electronic equipment, explosives, backpacks, and vests available? Does going on a Jihad prove one's ultimate devotion and loyalty to Islam?
  • Does Islam allow or encourage lying, under certain circumstances, about their belief system?  How subtle is their deception?
  • What is the only possible way (in Islamic teaching) for any Muslim to have complete assurance of his or her salvation?  Is the "martyred"Jihadist's instant paradise of a sensual nature?
  • Why do American and European political leaders rally around Islam by frequently calling it a "peace-loving" religion?
  • Why do our politicians (of every party and stripe) refer to Christ-followers as a "misdirected" and even "dangerous" people if they do not appreciate and extol the Islamic religion?
  • What were the seven "Crusades"  about from 1095-1291 AD? Why did Muslims close off Christian holy sites for pilgrimages to Palestine in the first place?
  • How did northern Africa, a bastion of  early Christianity, become overwhelmingly Muslim?
  • How moral or ethical was Mohammad in his personal life?  Is he worthy of adoration and emulation today as Islam teaches?
  • Does so-called "multiculturalism" and "interculturalism" require the extolling of the Islamic religious/political system to avoid the label of bigotry or religious intolerance? 
  • Is the Muslim god the same as the Christian God? Answer: The Muslim god is not the triune God that Christians worship, and their Jesus (a prophet only) did not die upon the cross as our Savior and Substitute. Truly, they do not love and worship the same God that Christians do.
  • Why does Islam treat its women so badly?
  • Do Islamic countries enter into peace treaties with the "infidels"?  If so, under what conditions?
  • What  is the difference between the Islamic Koran and Hadith?
  • What does Islam teach about the treatment of "infidels" and "Jews"?
  • Is the only way to have lasting peace with Muslims to convert to their religion?  Is the threat and reality of death an option in Islamic conquest?
  • Are the many contradictory statements of Mohammad (as with Ellen White) settled by simply believing in the later directives? Do the latter statements somehow negate and overrule the earlier ones?  If so, how does this interpretative model compare with Scripture?  Answer:  Yes, supposedly, in the case of Mohammad, but Ellen White's earliest visions and written words reportedly came directly from the throne of God. Thus, she did not have the same  luxury of maturing in her belief system as other religious writers did. She claimed her earliest writings were just as "inspired" as her later ones. Moreover, the writings attributed to Ellen White and Mohammad cannot be compared to Scripture in any way because they are not inspired (meaning "God-breathed").  In his excellent book, entitled Explaining Inerrancy, Dr. R. C. Sproul adds: "What is overcome or overridden by inspiration is not human personality, style or literary structure, but human tendencies to distortion, falsehood, and error."
  • Did both Ellen White, the SDA prophetess, and the Prophet Mohammad predict that in the latter days their writings would be exposed and no longer believed by many of their devotees?  Answer:  Yes!  Apparently, they shared the same spirit guide.
  • Does both Islam and Seventh-day Adventism have a similar "health message"?  If so, why do Muslims dislike Adventists so intensely? Answer:  Due to their observance of the Jewish Sabbath, Muslims think of them as "Christian Jews." (simply click on title to hear this factual presentation)

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