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August 28, 2012

                                                       (click on title to listen)

by Pastor Edward Donnelly

A Four-Part Audio Series:

I.    Why consider it?

II.   Does the Bible teach it?

III.  What will it be like?

IV.  How should the reality of hell affect us?

NOTE:  You really owe it to yourself to listen to these Bible-based presentations on the topic of a place called "hell." While here on earth, Jesus had far more to say about an eternal hell than He did about an eternal heaven.  In fact, most of what we know about hell was taught by Jesus Himself.  We can only appreciate God's grace to the extent of our understanding the depth of  His divine wrath. Pastor Donnelly clearly warns about the inevitable result of the unbiblical teaching of annihilationism on the Gospel. Both current and former Seventh-day Adventists have much to learn and unlearn on this important subject. Pastor Donnelly's presentations are in the must-hear/must-know category. Indeed, teaching sound doctrine is a biblical mandate (Titus 1 & 2).

For serious Bible students, I heartily recommend Dr. Robert Morey's excellent, 315-page book entitled, "Death and the Afterlife." You can purchase this book directly from Dr. Morey's online bookstore (www.faithdefenders.com) for $14.95. This book, having become a Christian classic, would make an excellent addition to your personal library. The late Dr. Walter Martin said of this book, "The most comprehensive biblical study of the subject in the last half century."  By the way,  Dr. Morey is the only Evangelical scholar, that I know of, who holds a doctoral degree in Islamic Studies.

Think about it! What did Jesus come to save us from? Who are the "monsters" of depravity?  Why would a kind, loving God continually torment anyone for eternity? Does God's omnipresence extend to hell in dispensing and supervising justice? What actually happens to a person when God completely removes His common grace and totally withdraws His indwelling Spirit? Will the ungodly in hell deeply regret their past sinful life in gnawing agony? Is an unconfessed and unforgiven sin against our infinite, holy God really deserving of eternal punishment? Are so-called "garden-variety sins" punishable for eternity? Are there various degrees of punishment in hell? Isn't the reality of hell against the divine character of God?  Why is hell so utterly terrible? What is involved in the absolute horror and poverty of hell? Does God really hate sin but not the unregenerate, vile sinner in whom sin reigns supremely without any restraint?  

Is hell merely an incinerator for the quick-fix of annihilation or a place of eternal torment?  Remember, one must be alive to be "tormented day and night forever and ever" (Rev. 20:10 ESV). Truly, the theory of annihilation greatly trivializes the consequence of unconfessed and unforgiven sin. Moreover, the proponents of annihilation seriously underestimate the enduring stain of sin against an infinite, holy God. Our awesome, just, and sovereign God only forgets and forgives the sins of the repentant sinner. The sins of the unrepentant soul do not somehow evaporate, disappear in thin air, and they never become subject to any legal statute of limitations .  The ungodly in hell would like for annihilationism to be true. Annihilation does not constitute the ultimate punishment. Rather, annihilation is the end of punishment. These and other questions are answered in Pastor Donnelly's four-part audio presentation.  Don't miss it!

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