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May 04, 2016


A Message by R. C. Sproul

During this half-hour radio broadcast, Dr. Sproul answered some tough questions such as: (1) Is it ever okay to leave the Church? (2) When does the Church cease to be a Church? (3) How pure must the Gospel be in order to be a true Church? (4) Does sound doctrine really matter? (5) Is the Gospel being preached in your church? (6) Are the sacraments of baptism and communion being duly administered?

Robert Charles Sproul (1939-2017) was a well-known American theologian, author, and pastor. He was the founder and chairman of Ligonier Ministries (named after the Ligonier Valley just outside of Pittsburgh) where the ministry was started as a study center for college and seminary students. For several years, he also served as the co-pastor of Saint Andrew's Chapel in Sanford, Florida. One of my favorite books by Dr. Sproul is entitled "Chosen by God." Simply click here to access this excellent, Bible-based audio presentation. A rich blessing awaits you by listening to this message.  Thanks for including this blog in your quest for Biblical truth.

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