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November 13, 2011


by Dennis J. Fischer

The following statements should forever settle the issue of whether Ellen G. White is considered the infallible interpreter of Scripture in Seventh-day Adventist circles:

"We believe the revelation and inspiration of both the Bible and Ellen White's writings to be of equal quality.  The superintendence of the Holy Spirit was just as careful and thorough in one case as in the other."  (Ministry magazine, October, 1981)

"It is from the standpoint of the light that has come through the Spirit of Prophecy (Mrs. White's writings) that the question will be considered, believing as we do that the Spirit of Prophecy is the only infallible interpreter of Bible principles, since it is that Christ, through this agency, giving real meaning of his own words."
(Excerpt from the tract "The Mark of the Beast," page 1; G. A. Irwin, former president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists; emphasis supplied)

The preceding quotations clearly affirm yet another reason why Seventh-day Adventism is outside the pale of evangelical Protestantism and biblical Christianity. Moreover, official SDA dogma (approved by the 1980 GC Session in Dallas,Texas USA) declares that the writings attributed to Ellen White are a "continuing and authoritative source of truth."

When hard pressed, it is not unusual to hear a devout Adventist insist that the SDA Church does not believe that Ellen White is their infallible interpreter of Scripture.  At this point in a dialogue, it would be most appropriate to ask our Seventh-day Adventist friend(s), "What part of Ellen White's writings do you not believe in?"  After all, there is no current SDA dogma that Ellen White did not create or endorse. In this information age, it is very encouraging to observe that more and more Adventists do not believe that the writings attributed to Ellen White are inspired.

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