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February 24, 2012

THE LORD'S DAY: Does It Matter?

 by Dr. John MacArthur

Due to widespread interest, I am posting this inspiring, Bible-based sermon audio from a Sunday morning worship service in 1999.  You can also read a transcript of this sermon.  Dr. MacArthur gives the reason why the Resurrection Day or New Covenant Day is so important to Christ-followers around the world. Moreover, the Christian Church was born on Pentecost Sunday. Truly, not just any day could be this special in redemptive history. Our awesome, sovereign God distinctly chose this very special day to occur on SundaySimply click on the title above to hear this excellent, thought-stimulating sermon.

--Dennis Fischer
Lincoln, Nebraska USA


 The Day of Gladness

 The Weekly Easter

New Covenant Day

The Greatest Day in Redemptive History

 The Eighth Day

First Day of the Week

Chief of Days

The Lord's Day

First of Days

Resurrection Day

The Christian Sabbath

Palm Sunday

Easter Sunday

Pentecost Sunday

The Day of the Son instead of the Sun

The Day (Pentecost) when the Christian Church was Born

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