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December 17, 2011


Man's original capacities included both the power not  to sin and the power to sin (posse non peccare et posse peccare).  In Adam's original sin, man lost the "posse non peccare" (the power not to sin) and retained the "posse peccare" (the power to sin) which he continues to exercise.  In the fulfillment of grace, man will have the "posse peccare" taken away and receive the highest of all, the power not to sin (non posse peccare).  This highest state, in itself, is worthy of our eager anticipation. The ultimate reward of the saints is not a so-called "Eden restored" where  temptation toward disobedience existed,  but rather eternal bliss without the ability to sin.

The late Martyn Lloyd-Jones aptly stated that "Many are in trouble simply because they do not realize the truth concerning the new birth...Nothing is more glorious than the doctrine of the rebirth; and this is obviously the work of God in us through the Spirit.  We do not give birth to ourselves, we are not born because we believe.  We believe because we are reborn."  Moreover, our awesome God never unadopts us from His wonderful family.  Once reborn, we cannot become unreborn (John 10:27-29). Thankfully, His elect are never treated like foster children who worry about being forsaken at any moment.

Due to our fallen state, we are not merely partly or mostly dependent upon Christ for our conversion but totally dependent upon Him.  The state of original sin leaves us in the wretched condition of being unable to refrain from sinning.  We are still able to choose what we desire, but our desires remain chained by our evil impulses. Thus, in the flesh, we are free only to sin, a hollow freedom indeed. It is a freedom without liberty, a real moral bondage.  True liberty can only come from without, from the work of God on the soul.  All in all, we are not partly or mostly dependent upon His saving grace for our conversion (regeneration) but totally dependent upon grace. It's all about Him!  Soli Deo Gloria!

In awe of the guilt-removing, sin-atoning sacrifice of Jesus,

Dennis Fischer, Web Chaplain
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